Dubai desert safari The Way of Adventure

To feel a true Dubai with all its essences, one must delve into its roots; Yes, we are talking about the Dubai Desert. The vast and vast deserts create a thrilling experience in our hearts. Only when you go for a Dubai Desert Safari you can enjoy the cultural heritage and daily leisure activities of the people. If you are planning to visit Dubai or you are staying in Dubai, this is a golden opportunity which you should not miss.

The combination of comfort and luxury makes the trip much easier and more interesting. Therefore, there are a variety of luxury and combo offers set by travel agencies ranging from 60 dirhams to a maximum of 1000 dirhams. Most luxury packages will take you from your residence / hotel apartment and return home safely.



Things to do in the Dubai Desert Safari
1. Dune bashing

Dune bashing on a Dubai Desert Safari by Gottrip Air

The adventurous desert safari booking is incomplete without dune bashing, as it has been a mainstay of Dubai culture for decades and centuries. Dune Bashing was originally a pastime for the local Emirati people, which later developed into a super entertainment tour program for people around the world.

The dunes are hills of loose sand particles that occur in various shapes and sizes due to the rapid movement of air. The dunes are mostly found on beaches and deserts. Dune bashing is a major desert sporting activity, as Toyota is used to riding a large 4X4 sports utility vehicle (SUV) such as a Land Cruiser or Fortuner.

Once you are seated, the vehicle moves at crazy speeds and maintains perfect balance as it goes up and down against the sand dunes. Dune bashing is an adrenaline pumping and very thrilling activity. When you go fast on silky soft dunes, you experience a roller coaster ride because you can't sit idle. You will need to slide and jump from your seat as you move along the bumps.

Don't worry about risk factors as drivers are very skilled and they travel in a very professional manner in a convoy of vehicles to ensure better safety. In addition, the Dubai government has implemented a number of rules and regulations to get you a fun and healthy treatment.

A variety of Dune Bashing packages are available, such as Golden Dune Bashing, Red Dune Bashing, and Hummer Safaris, the most popular of which is the Red Dune Bashing Evening Desert Safari.

2. Sand boarding

Sand Boarding in Dubai Desert Safari by Gottriper

Is there anyone who doesn't like climbing on sloppy sand dunes? Then this may not be for you. Solo Travelers… It's For You! All you need is to tie your feet along the baseboard, which helps smooth sliding. It is very similar to snowboarding but the materials used are very different.

Are you wondering what a sandboard is and what is made of it? The sandboard is a piece of equipment similar to a snowboard and is made of fiber's laminates, often waxed before running (for gliding purpose).

Even if you feel very adventurous, it is very safe and easy. Also, you don’t need the expertise to do these desert-based sporting activities. By practicing two or three times, you can become a better slider. You can do sandboarding all year round, regardless of age and gender. It brings equal excitement as Dune Bashing and is now a big hit among Dubai Desert Safari visitors.

3. Camel Riding

Camel riding on the Dubai Desert Safari by Gottripier

There are many things that make camel riding fun, of which camel is also an important factor. You will get a 10 to 20 minute camel ride which will make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable. What’s more, the guides get some amazing photos of you with a camel. So what are you waiting for? Step back in time and go on a friendly camel journey in the magical Arabian Desert !!!

4. Emirati Costume Photography

Bird catching on the Dubai Desert Safari by Gottripier

Great trips create a lifelong memory. So it's like capturing snaps. Don't you think your journey will be more memorable when you have photos of yourself and loved ones? Desert Safari gives you the chance to wear ethnic Emirati gowns and even take photographs. You can get those beautiful memories back home.

5. Heena Painting, Hookah Smoking / Shisha (Hubli / Bubbly) and Bird Holding

Heena Painting In Dubai Desert Safari Desert Safari Goatriper In Dubai By Gottripair Sheesha

Inside the Arabian camp, you will find plenty of new and interesting things to do. Women and children can get free henna paintings. Another highlight is what we call shisha or what we call hookah smoking. Shisha is a pipe or jar filled with a bowl of smoke.